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GOLD Cellular Age-Restore Collection - Exclusive Launch


NuboNau and ila - Beyond Organic
A ten year partnership since NuboNau introduced the Brand to the USA

NuboNau, USA Retailer of Prestige Natural and Organic Skincare, have launched ila’s exclusive, new Gold Cellular Age Restore Collection in the USA.

The ila Gold Cellular Age-Restore collection is a blend of the world’s most undiscovered, potent and powerful ingredients proven to work with the skin to help heal and protect from the many natural signs of aging. Three types of naturally occurring gold and the rarest of Frankincense from the Gardens of Ethiopia instantly help to increase collagen levels for a results-driven anti-aging ritual that restores, nourishes and stimulates the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate - Delivering a plumped, youthful and flawless looking complexion.

As the skin ages, it becomes more susceptible to environmental damage, de-hydration, dullness and fine lines that take away the soft glow of youth. The exquisite infusion of three types of gold coupled with the purest of Boswellia extracts are blended together to create a unique formula that reduces inflammation, hydrates and plumps the skin and boosts collagen production to bring a dramatic change in the skin’s cellular structure.

The first sign of stress for any cell in the body is inflammation, which can lead to a multitude of imbalances in the skin such as redness and rosacea, all contributing to the skin’s aging process. At the heart of the ila Gold collection lies the potent healing qualities of ila’s unique BosTriWell® extract.

The result of 30 years of scientific research has identified a trinity of sustainably harvested Boswellia (Frankincense) species from Arabia, Africa and India that have been blended together to create a revolutionary anti-aging formula that dramatically reduces inflammation and calms cells to allow for the healing process to take place. It is this pioneering blend of anti-inflammatory boswellic enzymes, deeply hydrating vegetable derived hyaluronic acid, and the triple blend of collagen-stimulating homeopathic, colloidal and 24-carat gold that form the basis of ila’s revolutionary tri-juvenation collection.

This unique formula was put through independent user trials and resulted in 86% of users having noticeably less wrinkles after using the regime and 84% of users stating that their complexion looked significantly healthier.*

The collection assists in the reduction of the signs of aging and cellular inflammation (dryness, redness, wrinkles and breakouts); instantly plumping up dull and depleted complexions; restoring vitality at a cellular level, whilst providing a skin protection against environmental influences, thus dramatically improving the quality, health and youthfulness of the skin.

Fusing prestige with natural and organic skincare, NuboNau brings together an eclectic portfolio of the very best the world has to offer. Designed to be a complete experience, NuboNau’s Online Boutique provides a perfect blend of sought after products and ultimate service delivery.

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Gold Cellular Collection range from $64.00 - $280.00