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Our Promise


Our promise is to seek out and offer you a collection of powerfully effective, pure skincare containing ingredients you can trust.

We are dedicated to offering you the exemplary customer service you deserve, combined with transparent, honest product information. 

Rather than focusing our energy on ingredients we do not have in our products, we direct our energy and passion into communicating the benefits of the powerfully effective ingredients we do offer.

Our independant, consultant chemist audits every ingredient - to ensure you find only the most authentic, truly natural Brands available worldwide today.

Many companies now allow products to be returned, unopened - and these items are then resold. Are you happy purchasing a product that has been in somebody else's possession - for months in some cases? Even if it is unopened?

Our policy is that every product you buy from NuboNau has NEVER been out of our direct care - and therefore has never been returned to us as an 'unopened' exchange by another customer - Guaranteed.

All products we offer are supplied to us directly from our Brand partners - then stored, picked, packaged and mailed to you from our own facilities in the USA.

We do not 'drop ship' products from third parties - We personally inspect the quality and integrity of products - and control every aspect of supply - for every item you purchase from NuboNau.

NuboNau does not support animal testing in any form, and neither do our partners.

**For details regarding Nail Polish and Audited Brand selections  - please see our Ingredient Policy below



Our Ingredient Policy


Our Ingredients Policy -The Natural and Organic Skincare Boutique“It is our love and belief in the power of Natural and Organic ingredients which fuels our passion …”

We passionately believe that Natural ingredients offer powerful and highly therapeutic benefits for you and your skin, and the most radiant and healthy skin is achieved by using the best Nature has to offer.

Our policy for ingredients is based on the simple principle that we require the maximum amount of Natural and / or Organic ingredients and a minimum of recognized, safe synthetic ingredients. We are committed to clear, honest ingredient labelling so that you can make an informed choice about the products we offer. Our policy is supported by working closely with our independent Consultant Chemist to audit all ingredients contained within our portfolio. The choice to embrace Natural ingredients should never mean having to compromise on performance delivery and actual results. It is for this reason our team tests and evaluates the performance of every product before its addition to our portfolio.

In order to assist you in making an informed choice - you will find a full and comprehensive (INCI) listing of all ingredients ( for every product ) on our website on the 'Ingredients' tab on each individual product page. 

The criterion we use is simple. It has to be as natural as possible, be safe...and it has to work have to love it!



 NuboNau offers Brands that genuinely seek to deliver the best natural alternative to synthetic ingredients, without compromising on performance.

• All product ingredients are audited by an Independent, Consultant Chemist to confirm Natural and or Organic status, origin, derivation and safety of all ingredients.**

• Our friendly, knowledgeable Associates and Aestheticians are available via email and are trained to offer a prescriptive service and detailed explanations of the origin, purpose and benefit of every ingredient you will find at NuboNau

• We are dedicated to offering a holistic beauty experience. Which is why we only offer brands we believe you will truly love to use.


Please see our patch test and sampling services to ensure our products are suitable for your skin.


We ask you to consider that the use of certain approved, synthetic preservatives is allowed by some Organic certifying bodies to ensure product safety ( to inhibit bacterial and fungal contamination) These preservatives may be used in many natural, certified and non certified products in very low concentrations. Please see the individual product ingredients tab for full INCI details for every product offered in our Boutique or email us with your specific questions. We do offer certified, 100% Organic products - see our Brands for more details.


Audited Brand Collections: All individual products within our portfolio are audited for compliance with our ingredient policy.

There are a small selection of Brands we offer which have a number of products within their own collections which we do not offer for sale - as they contain ingredients which do not meet our Ingredient Promise.

Audited Brands currently include: REN, Arcona, Aromatherapy Associates, La Bella Donna, and Mai Couture

Be Assured : ALL products offered at NuboNau from these Brands DO COMPLY with our Ingredient Policy


**Our Nail Polish Policy

We believe that a fully Natural and / or Organic Nail Polish formula does not currently exist.

However, we do feel there are a number of Brands striving to deliver safer formulas with fewer Chemicals - by removing ingredients with carcinogenic properties (resulting in the 'Three Free' claim) and who are also endeavouring to use ingredients which are bio-degradeable. Brands who also strive to deliver a product which does not compomise on performance.

We have chosen to add 'Butter London' and 'Piggy Paint' to our portfolio in order to give you a choice of what we feel are currently the 'Best In Class' of the available Nail Polishes currently on the market. We clearly state the Ingredients / INCI in the product information and make it clear in the information we provide that the Nail polish we offer is not chemical free, nor Natural and / or Organic. 

*Ingredient check

Imulium Delta - Our product selection of sun protection / self tanning products DO NOT include this PEG based synthetic ingredient.

Self Tanners - DHA.

All self tanning products which contain the DHA ingredient on our website are Certified Organic and contain DHA which is derived from natural sources.

Recent FDA concerns have been raised regarding the potential dangers concerning the inhalation of DHA ( such as in a vaporized form when used in spray tanning) and the potential to cause health problems should the product be ingested, or exposed to mucus membranes such as the eye. The FDA currently consider DHA a safe ingredient when applied in a cream format to the skin.

We chose Lavera for our self tanners as the line is CERTIFIED ORGANIC - in order to offer you the 'best in class' of all self tanners currently available on the market.

Our recommendation is that self tanners be used only on adults, never during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding. Always wash hands very thoroughly after any application. Avoid applying the product to lips and near the eyes. Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours following application as some research / evidence indicates increased UVA and UVB / light sensitivity in the skin immediately following application. Remember that self tanners offer no sun protection! Always apply a sunscreen to protect your skin when exposed to the sun.