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Founded: 2007

Country of Origin: Pennsylvania, USA


Named for the Cherokee word for "flower," TSI~LA (pronounced chee-la) is a line of natural and organic perfumes.

All the products are crafted in artisan-size batches using only the world's finest essential oils, active plant botanicals, rich exotic butters and organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

Packaged in a small bottle with a roller, it is also possible to mix them on the skin and create your own fragrance.

2011 Organic Beauty Talk Award Winner Best Natural

"Best Natural Spray Perfume – Tsi-La Organics ($95)"

"Best Natural Roll-On Perfume – Tsi-La Organics ($38)"

Tsi-La does not test on animal or use animal derived ingredients in products.

Tsi-La products are Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

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