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Raw Coconut Cream

Raw Coconut Cream

By RMS Beauty

The ultimate beauty product! Use as a Make-Up remover, facial cleanser and skin/body moisturizer.

(70g - 2.5oz)

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This cream is pure, certified Organic, raw, unrefined, virgin Coconut oil where no heat or chemical treatment has been used before, during or after pressing.

  • Coconut oil is known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help in cleaning and removing any bacteria from the skin. It is also an excellent natural anti-oxidant protecting the skin from free radical damage and premature aging,
  • In its raw state, every living enzyme and nutrient is left intact so it nourishes skin, lashes and acts as a great cleanser even for acne prone skin,
  • Great for all skin types.
  • The ultimate beauty product! Use as a Make-Up remover, facial cleanser and skin/body moisturizer.

    Wipes off any Make-Up as well as the most stubborn waterproof mascara in a couple of easy wipes.

    Cleanse the skin with a minimal amount working gently into the skin and remove with a soft cloth.

    Use as a body moisturizer.

    *Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil.

    *Certified Organic.


    Founded: 2009

    Country of Origin: New York, USA


    RMS Beauty is an original color cosmetic line created by Rose-Marie Swift. Rose-Marie is a Make-Up artist for some of the world’s most prestigious models, actresses and magazines. Her work has been featured in W, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Some of her celebrity clients have included the face of Gisele Bunchen and Sheryl Crow.

    RMS is formulated with organic ingredients protecting the nourishing qualities of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Only RMS beauty products show visible improvement by rejuvenating your skin plus providing natural sun protection. A little goes a long way and products are all completely interchangeable.

    RMS Beauty products are Gluten Free & Dairy Free.
    RMS Beauty does not test on animals.

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    Customer Reviews

    A little bit of luxury Review by hannah
    This is now my go to moisturizer. I absolutely love it, it's worth every penny! (Posted on 4/14/2012)
    New Favorite! Review by Danya
    I'd been reading so much about the multiple uses and effectiveness of pure coconut oil (not to mention RMS Beauty), so I was excited to try this product. For me, it really lives up to the hype. I've been using it as an eye makeup remover and to remove face makeup before following with my regular cleanser. On a couple of occasions I've used it as a cleanser alone as the instructions suggest. I love it for all three purposes! It requires a very small amount, smells fantastic, and feels great on your face. It easily removes eye makeup and leaves your face soft and super hydrated after cleansing. I haven't tried it for a body moisturizer (maybe if the jar was larger), but I'm sure it would work very well. It's just so simple and effective....a definite re-purchase for me! (Posted on 3/8/2012)
    More information Review by Rose-Marie Swift, RMS Founder
    RMS Raw Coconut Cream is by far superior over any store bought Coconut oil because we keep all the beneficial properties from the plant.
    RMS Beauty fills each jar by hand avoiding the excessive heat and manipulation in packing so maintaining all the benefits and natural enzymes. I wanted to also add more information on the difference between the different Coconut oils.

    Most, if not all grocery stores including health stores - can have Coconut oil for sure that claim raw.
    There are many Coconut oils and ways of processing it (not only the way it is grown). There can be so much involved in processing, bleaching, fermenting, saponifying, deodorizing, solvent extractions, fractionating, differences in heat, refining, irradiation,...... If you made the actual comparison you might be surprised just in the smell itself and the texture. Some coconut oil can be melted quickly at high temperatures - "excess heat" - causing unnecessary manipulation of all healing enzymes etc. of the oil. This is done to liquify the oil for easy pouring on huge assembly lines. In this case, it is mainly about quantity ...not quality.
    (Posted on 3/5/2011)
    great muti-fuctional product, however.. Review by Helen
    This is without a doubt a great product. I use it as my moisturizer, makeup remover, use it on my cracked heels, cuticles, hair...etc. This is 100% pure coconut oil that has not been processed in any way, and all the nutrients stay intact. But you can get the same 100% coconut oil in a health store for much cheaper price.. (4oz for less than $10) This is $15 for 2oz. Great product nonetheless.. but there are cheaper alternatives. (Posted on 2/15/2011)

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