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Eye mask with Lavender - Pink Dragonfly

Eye mask with Lavender - Pink Dragonfly

By Holistic Silk

New Color!

Silk eye mask with velvet lining containing Lavender which totally blocks out light & sweetens the air.


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  • Sleeping in total darkness is believed to enhance the quality of your sleep,
  • Completely blocks out the light,
  • The pretty velvet ties allow for adjustment and total comfort (once tied there's no need to redo each time)
  • Silk eye mask with velvet lining containing Lavender which totally blocks out light & sweetens the air.

    Place eyemask over eyes and adjust accordingly with velvet ties.

    Care: Clean with a damp cloth or dry clean only. After time the scent of lavender will fade, to prolong and rejuvenate the aroma simply find the pure dried lavender in your mask (it usually settles around the nose area) and rub gently between your fingers 3-4 times, scent will be emitted straight away. Try to keep silk and lavender out of direct sunlight as both will fade.

    Silk and Lavender.


    Founded: 2000

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Introduced exclusively to the USA by NuboNau in 2008

    Holistic Silk is made in moderate quantities using traditional sewing skills and techniques to give you the most innovative, beautiful, therapeutic products available. Designs are created and components selected through extensive research and knowledge of ancient and modern holistic therapies - offering you fair made products that are truly effective and aesthetically beautiful.

    Truly effective and easily integrated into your life, Holistic Silk offers a luxury range of aromatic silk products filled with herbs and ancient wisdom to promote well-being, alleviate stress and administer comfort.

    Holistic Silk does not test on animals.

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    Customer Reviews

    Finally sleeping all the way through the night! Review by Aubrey
    I was very unsure about dropping $65.00 on an eye mask...but this one has turned out to be worth every cent. I got the hot pink color; and it is just barely scented with lavender, which after sleeping with it for two weeks, I'm now hooked! The mask is super soft and gentle on the inside with padding in just the right spots to baby my cheeks and eyes but no uncomfortable pressure. Other eye masks have always made my eyes greasy with my eye creme, or they give me hairlines or a headache from tight elastic. I just tie this under my braid and it holds without a headache! I have always been a light, fitful sleeper; the light pressure and lavender and lack of light with this wonderful mask are having me sleep *all the way* through the night. I am buying one for my husband with my next paycheck! (Posted on 12/10/2012)

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