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The NEW Cloud Nine Loyalty Club


NEW NuboNau Cloud Nine (C9) Club  – Our NEW Loyalty Program


Firstly...THANKYOU all very much for your patience while we upgraded our sytem to the new version! As many of you know, we are a family owned and managed business and much of the work on our website is completed in house - so once again THANK YOU!

We believe you will LOVE your new, improved C9 Loyalty Rewards!

And...YES! The points you earned for your previous purchases (with our old system) have been added to your existing account!

Your second question...YES! Points still have the exact same value as your previous points, only now you have the ability to convert them to actual discounts at the checkout, and in easy to spend multiples of just $5.00!


A new lipstick... a new face mask ... We all love to treat ourselves, and we enjoy those treats even more when we don't have to pay for them!

By shopping with NuboNau you will soon see your C9 (Cloud Nine Club) Points add up - and you can exchange them for lots of gorgeous Natural and Organic products! We will add 5 points to your account for every dollar you spend on products!

It is really simple too:

  • ***EVERY product you purchase is eligible for earning points, and EVERY product we offer for sale can be purchased by redeeming some, or all of points! (the only exception is Gift Certificates, Shipping Fees and Taxes, your points cannot be used to discount these items)
  • ***Your points will not expire as long as your account remains active, so they remain in your account until YOU choose to spend them!( Your account must have been used at least once in the last 12 month period to remain active)
  • ***Plus - You will be able to take advantage of great NEW previews and NEW special offers, only available to C9 Club Members
  • ***Joining is free and easy too! Simply register on our website, and thats all there is to it!
  • ***NEW C9 Point Collection value on is 5 points per $1 spent on eligible products! 
  • ***You can spend your points at the checkout easily, when you can choose to convert them to discounts - in multiples of just $5.00, ar save them up for special treat, to spend later!

Please note -  A Referall award points option maybe added to C9 accounts in the future! Watch this space!

The NEW C9 (Cloud Nine) Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

  • *The 'Cloud Nine Loyalty Program' may be referred to as the C9 Club, The C9 Loyalty Club or the C9 Account.
  • *The C9 Loyalty Club is available exclusively and solely online at
  • *Your C9 Loyalty Club account is personal to you and points and discounts are not transferrable.
  • * One C9 Loyalty account is allowed per individual - multiple accounts are viewed as a breach of the terms and conditions which may result in your C9 account being suspended and or deleted and all points removed.
  • * A C9 account which has not been used or is dormant for a period 12 consecutive months will be deemed as 'inactive' and points will be removed. We will always attempt to contact the C9 account holder when possible and give advance notice.
  • *We reserve the right to take action we consider appropriate if we have reason to believe that the scheme is being abused, including withholding or withdrawing points previously credited to an account, and closing an account without prior notice.
  • *NuboNau reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or amend the NEW C9 Club program, and any individual C9 Loyalty Account at any time without notice.
  • *We reserve the right to change or amend the terms & conditions of the scheme at any time. However, we will always attempt and do our utmost to give prior notice of changes. We will display the current Terms and Conditions at
  • *You can receive a copy of the latest terms and conditions by calling 1 877 NuboNau (682 6628 ) or emailing and requesting a copy.
  • *DATA PROTECTION. We will never disclose your personal details to anyone outside NuboNau inc. or NuboNau LLC without your consent. 
  • *We may analyze your purchase history to provide you with relevant and personalized offers, information and advice, in helping you choose products that are right for you
  • *By joining the scheme, and registering to collect and redeem points, you will be agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated, and also NuboNau's sales terms and general terms and conditions.
  • * You will on occasion receive a C9 Statement from your Loyalty account to your registered email address  - detailing your points balance  
  • Please note that the WELCOME code free shipping offer expired on Thursday 5 January 2012
  • Please note that the complimentary 2000 point welcome credit  offer for first orders expired on Thursday January 5 2012


Collecting C9 (Cloud Nine) points at NuboNau

  • *You will automatically receive C9 points on qualifying purchases at the rate notified from time to time by the display of notices on The points can be viewed in your online account at
  • *The number of points issued may vary between qualifying purchases from time to time, such as during a promotion. 
  • *C9 points cannot be exchanged for cash and have no actual cash value.
  • *Points will usually be added to a valid C9 account within 48 hours of completion of your purchase of products included in the scheme.
  • *There may be specific occasions when we add points at a later date at our discretion. 
  • *We reserve the right to change the number of points gained and redeemed and or products included in the C9 program without prior notice. 
  • *We will display notices regarding the C9 Club at
  • *During any special points’ events or offers, existing points’ promotions may not be subject to the same benefits.
  • *Current C9 Point Collection value on are 5 points per $1 spent on eligible products. 
  • *Current C9 Club redemption value is 1 point is worth 1 cent when spent on eligible products.
  • *Points are not available to collect or redeem on gift card purchases, delivery charges and taxes.

Spending / Redeeming C9 (Cloud Nine) points

  • *You can now make a part payment of points towards a product purchase, as points are coverted to discounts  - in multiples of $5.00
  • * Points used as discount will be deducted from the total points available in your C9 account.
  • *We reserve the right to substitute or remove products available for points collection and redemption.
  • *To spend your points, you must log into your account, and available points will be shown at checkout.
  • * NuboNau cannot be held responsible for the unauthorised use of Points under any circumstances.

Please note that when using NEW C9 points to place an entire order ( so the total order value in the basket is Zero) free shipping promotional codes will not be valid and cannot be applied.

C9 (Cloud nine) Club Returns Policy 

  • Our standard terms and conditions apply to all purchases, including those made with partial / full payment with points.
  • *In the unlikely event that you need to return a faulty/damaged product purchased with a credit/debit card (or a cash purchase) within our standard returns policy, we will deduct the points from your C9 account that were issued / collected at the time of said purchase
  • *If your account does not contain enough points to be deducted following a product return for any reason - we reserve the right to deduct the balance from the refund amount to cover the original retail value of the product(s) claimed with points.
  • *If you fail to present your C9 account details when receiving a refund, the points may be automatically deducted from your C9 by us at any later time.
  • *When returning faulty/ damaged goods to ( within our standard return policy) unless you are requesting an exact replacement product, the difference between the value of the exchanged goods and originally issued C9 points issued / collected will be deducted / added to your C9 account.