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Our Story


NuboNau - The Natural and Organic Skincare Boutique“We invite you to join us on our voyage of discovery; reconnecting you with the very best Nature has to offer …”

NuboNau - trans: Esperanto - Cloud Nine Pronounced [new-bo-now]


NuboNau was founded from a love of all things Natural and the desire to connect people with the finest Natural and Organic Brands the World has to offer.

NuboNau audits every ingredient contained within its offerering and also evaluates formulations via an independant, consultant cosmetic chemist - with specialisation in natural ingredients - Making sure we deliver authentic, Natural Brands with exeptional product integrity and performance.

Discover an eclectic and cosmopolitan portfolio of the most potent and pure skincare Brands available. was awarded 'Best of the Web 2012' by InStyle Magazine - November 2012 and named "Best Beauty Website" in 2011 by the prestigious American Express 'Departures Magazine' 

Enjoy an eclectic, cosmopolitan portfolio of Brands and experience beautiful complimentary gift wrap, a handwritten card and generous samples with every order placed online.

Every product you buy from NuboNau has never been out of our direct care - and therefore has never been returned to us as an 'unopened' exchange by another customer - Guaranteed.

All products are stored, picked and packaged in our own facilities - we do not 'drop ship' products from third parties - We personally inspect the integrity - and check every single item you purchase from NuboNau.


Why ‘NuboNau’?


NuboNau - The Natural and Organic Skincare Boutique“Language is a city to the Building of which every human being has brought a stone …”

R.W. Emerson

‘‘Esperanto’ (trans: ‘Hopeful’)

‘NuboNau’ translates to ‘CloudNine’ in the language of Esperanto, and ‘CloudNine’ is exactly where we would like you to be when you experience our products and service!

‘Esperanto’ was created in 1885 by L.L Zamenhof and is the world's most widely spoken, constructed international language.

Designed to be entirely neutral, it is made up of all the world's languages. Zamenhof’s goal was to create an easy-to-learn language for all, which would serve as a universal second language to ultimately foster world peace and international understanding.

We chose Esperanto as we admired and were greatly inspired by these founding principles.




Our Team


NuboNau - The Natural and Organic Skincare Boutique“All we achieve, we achieve together …”


  • We are an independent, family owned and managed boutique business.
  • We feel very privileged to have achieved such loyal and appreciative following of customers during our first six years of service 
  • We are grateful for the positive feedback we have received regarding our team and our customer service.

NuboNau proudly serves the USA and its territories.





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